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421 East Commercial Inola, OK 74036  Local: (918) 543-6775
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Hospitals and Health Care Providers in Our Delivery Area:
Name Address Phone
Inola Health Care CtrPo Box 1059 Inola, OK. 74036(918) 543-8800
Meadowbrook Nursing CtrPo Box 430 Chouteau, OK. 74337(918) 476-8918
Alterra Sterling House1605 N Highway 88 Claremore, OK. 74017(918) 343-3300
Claremore Indian Hospital101 S Moore Ave Claremore, OK. 74017(918) 342-6200
Claremore Nursing Home920 E 16th St Claremore, OK. 74017(918) 341-4857
Claremore Regional Hospital1202 N Muskogee Pl Claremore, OK. 74017(918) 341-2556
Copp's Residential CareRr 7 Box 138 Claremore, OK. 74017(918) 341-2543
Hospice - Seasons Hospice2815 South Sheridan Rd Claremore, OK. 74017(918) 342-4455
Hospice Of Green Country1005 Archer Dr. Claremore, OK. 74017(918) 342-1222
Lakeshore Apartments1104 N Willow Pl Claremore, OK. 74017(918) 342-2655
Trinity Hospice618 West Will Rogers Blvd. Claremore, OK. 74017(918) 343-4884
Veteran CenterPo Box 988 Claremore, OK. 74018(918) 342-5432
Colonial Terrace Care Ctr1320 Ne 1st Pl Pryor, OK. 74361(918) 825-5311
Cottage On Willow Rd1416 Willow Rd Pryor, OK. 74361(918) 825-1246
Mayes County Medical CtrPo Box 278 Pryor, OK. 74362(918) 825-1600
Prairie Village Apartments1220 Se 9th St Pryor, OK. 74361(918) 825-1385
Shady Rest Care Ctr210 S Adair St Pryor, OK. 74361(918) 825-4455
Twin Villa Apartments1284 S Oklahoma St Pryor, OK. 74361(918) 825-4330
Venture Villa901 Se 9th St Pryor, OK. 74361(918) 825-1250
Alternative Living Svc7329 S College Pl Tulsa, OK. 74136(918) 523-3487
Alterra Sterling House6022 E 71st St Tulsa, OK. 74136(918) 494-4011
Ambassador Manor1340 E 61st St Tulsa, OK. 74136(918) 743-8978
Boulder Plaza Apartments1840 S Boulder Ave Tulsa, OK. 74119(918) 583-3354
Brighton Gardens5211 S Lewis Ave Tulsa, OK. 74105(918) 743-2700
Brightwater Apartments2202 S Phoenix Ave Tulsa, OK. 74107(918) 584-5622
Broadmoor8205 E 22nd St Tulsa, OK. 74129(918) 622-2151
Brown Schools6262 S Sheridan Rd Tulsa, OK. 74133(918) 492-8200
Burgundy Place8887 S Lewis Ave Tulsa, OK. 74137(918) 299-0953
Cancer Treatment Ctr-Amer2408 E 81st St # 100 Tulsa, OK. 74137(918) 496-5000
Colonial Manor Nursing Home1815 E Skelly Dr Tulsa, OK. 74105(918) 743-7838
Colonial Manor Retirement Ctr5015 S Victor Ave Tulsa, OK. 74105(918) 743-7838
Columbia Surgicare4415 S Harvard Ave # 100 Tulsa, OK. 74135(918) 742-2502
Continuous Care Ctr1924 S Utica Ave # 151 Tulsa, OK. 74104(918) 749-8930
Continuous Care Ctr-Tulsa1923 S Utica Ave Tulsa, OK. 74104(918) 744-3044
Convalescent Center3333 E 28th St Tulsa, OK. 74114(918) 747-8008
Country Club Of Woodland Hills6333 S 91st East Ave Tulsa, OK. 74133(918) 252-5451
Country Living8160 E 16th St Tulsa, OK. 74112(918) 664-4344
Country Oaks Retirement Ctr5648 S 33rd West Ave Tulsa, OK. 74107(918) 446-3927
Dental Depot2145 S Sheridan Rd Tulsa, OK. 74129(918) 948-6965
Disciples Village Beauty Salon9014 E 31st St Tulsa, OK. 74145(918) 622-9318
Doctors Hospital2323 S Harvard Ave Tulsa, OK. 74114(918) 744-4000
Fairmont Terrace1111 E 60th St Tulsa, OK. 74105(918) 743-0022
Georgian Court Business Office2552 E 21st St Tulsa, OK. 74114(918) 746-7635
Georgian Court Nursing Ctr2552 E 21st St Tulsa, OK. 74114(918) 742-7319
Georgian Court Subacute Prgrm2552 E 21st St Tulsa, OK. 74114(918) 745-9825
Glenwood Apartments10221 E 34th St Tulsa, OK. 74146(918) 663-7797
Green Country Care Ctr3601 N Columbia Ave Tulsa, OK. 74110(918) 428-3600
Green Park Nursing & Rehab Ctr3910 Park Rd Tulsa, OK. 74115(918) 428-4663
Healthsouth Rehab Hospital3219 S 79th East Ave Tulsa, OK. 74145(918) 663-8183
Hillcrest Healthcare Systems1120 S Utica Ave Tulsa, OK. 74104(918) 579-1000
Hillcrest Medical Group1145 S Utica Ave # 1014 Tulsa, OK. 74104(918) 585-8000
Inverness Manor Retirement2516 E 71st St Tulsa, OK. 74136(918) 481-9988
Jiles Green Group1825 E 15th St Tulsa, OK. 74104(918) 744-0868
La Fortune Tower1725 Southwest Blvd Tulsa, OK. 74107(918) 583-0784
Laureate Psychiatric Clinic6655 S Yale Ave Tulsa, OK. 74136(918) 481-4000
Leisure Village Nursing Ctr2154 S 85th East Ave Tulsa, OK. 74129(918) 622-4747
Mansion House Apartments1638 S Carson Ave Tulsa, OK. 74119(918) 582-6167
Maple Ridge South8227 S College Pl Tulsa, OK. 74137(918) 488-9689
Mingo Manor Apartments4950 S Mingo Rd Tulsa, OK. 74146(918) 663-8310
Montereau In Warren Woods5035 E 66th St Tulsa, OK. 74136(918) 495-1500
Morning Star Apartments2171 N Hartford Ave Tulsa, OK. 74106(918) 583-8903
New Day Residential Care Ctr5709 S 66th East Ave Tulsa, OK. 74145(918) 492-2088
Oklahoma Blood Institute3316 E 21st St Tulsa, OK. 74114(918) 293-2760
Oklahoma Methodist Manor4134 E 31st St Tulsa, OK. 74135(918) 743-2565
Orthopedic Hospital Of Ok2408 E 81st St # 900 Tulsa, OK. 74137(918) 496-5955
Palmer Drug Abuse Program3015 East Skelly Tulsa, OK. 74105(918) 832-7763
Park View Terrace1615 W 59th St Tulsa, OK. 74107(918) 446-6154
Parke7821 E 76th St Tulsa, OK. 74133(918) 249-1262
Parks Edge Nursing Ctr5115 E 51st St Tulsa, OK. 74135(918) 627-5961
Parkside Hospital1620 E 12th St Tulsa, OK. 74120(918) 582-2131
Phs Mobil X-Ray8181 E 46th St Tulsa, OK. 74145(918) 664-9729
Pioneer Plaza901 N Elgin Ave Tulsa, OK. 74106(918) 584-2553
Plaza Hills East Apartments13025 E 16th Pl Tulsa, OK. 74108(918) 437-7733
Pythian Manor West Office1700 Riverside Dr # 208 Tulsa, OK. 74119(918) 583-4401
Region Dental3210 E. 21st Street Tulsa, OK. 74114(918) 742-5521
Renewal Christian Care201 S Garnett Rd Tulsa, OK. 74128(918) 438-4257
Rest Haven Nursing Ctr1944 N Iroquois Ave Tulsa, OK. 74106(918) 583-1509
Riverview Village Inc2409 S Maybelle Ave Tulsa, OK. 74107(918) 584-0026
Saint Francis Hospital South10501 E. 91st St. Tulsa, OK. 74133(918) 307-6000
Seasons Hospice6532 E 71st Street Tulsa, OK. 74133(918) 745-0222
Select Specialty Hostitals744 W 9th St Fl 6 Tulsa, OK. 74127(918) 699-2100
Senior Select5110 S Yale Ave # 415 Tulsa, OK. 74135(918) 493-2100
Shadybrook Apartments4203 S 109th East Ave Tulsa, OK. 74146(918) 663-6013
Sherwood Manor2415 W Skelly Dr Tulsa, OK. 74107(918) 446-4284
South Crest Hospital7200 S Mingo Rd Tulsa, OK. 74133(918) 249-1553
Southcrest Hospital8801 S 101st East Ave Tulsa, OK. 74133(918) 294-4000
Southern Hills Retirement Comm5170 S Vandalia Ave Tulsa, OK. 74135(918) 496-3963
Southern Villa Mobile Home Pk8636 S Lewis Ave Tulsa, OK. 74137(918) 299-2012
Specialty Hospital Of Tulsa2408 E 81st St # 2500 Tulsa, OK. 74137(918) 491-2400
St Francis6161 S Yale Ave Tulsa, OK. 74136(918) 494-2181
St Francis Ambulatory Srgry4818 E 67th St Tulsa, OK. 74136(918) 488-6655
St Francis Hospital6161 S Yale Ave Tulsa, OK. 74136(918) 494-2200
St Francis Hospital Snf6161 S Yale Ave Tulsa, OK. 74136(918) 494-1305
St John Medical Ctr1923 S Utica Ave Tulsa, OK. 74104(918) 744-2345
St Simeon's3701 N Cincinnati Ave Tulsa, OK. 74106(918) 425-3583
Terrace View Apartments1729 S Denver Ave # 110 Tulsa, OK. 74119(918) 587-6191
The Brace Place -- Anand N. Patel Dds, Ms4550 S Harvard Ave Tulsa, OK. 74135(918) 749-8817
The Cottage At Woodland Hills7707 S Memorial Dr Tulsa, OK. 74133(918) 250-8571
Tulsa Christian Care Ctr6201 E 36th St Tulsa, OK. 74135(918) 622-3430
Tulsa Jewish Retirement2025 E 71st St Tulsa, OK. 74136(918) 492-1139
Tulsa Jewish Retirement Ctr2025 E 71st St Tulsa, OK. 74136(918) 496-8333
Tulsa Nursing Ctr Inc10912 E 14th St Tulsa, OK. 74128(918) 438-2440
Tulsa Pythian Manor6568 E 21st Pl Tulsa, OK. 74129(918) 836-2710
Tulsa Regional Medical Ctr744 W 9th St Tulsa, OK. 74127(918) 587-2561
University Village8555 S Lewis Ave Tulsa, OK. 74137(918) 299-2661
Unlimited Care7002 S Richmond Ave Tulsa, OK. 74136(918) 499-1988
Us Veterans Outpatient Clinic9322 E 41st St Tulsa, OK. 74145(918) 764-7243
Warren Clinic6600 S Yale Ave # 900 Tulsa, OK. 74136(918) 488-6000
West Edison Plaza570 N 39th West Ave Tulsa, OK. 74127(918) 584-4224
William V Hanks4835 S Peoria Ave # 18 Tulsa, OK. 74105(918) 742-5401
Woodland Terrace1524 E 71st St Tulsa, OK. 74136(918) 250-3631
Yorktown Residential Assisted6041 S Yorktown Ave Tulsa, OK. 74105(918) 746-0546
Autumn Woods Apartments701 S Filmore Ave Wagoner, OK. 74467(918) 485-5422
Wagoner Care Ctr205 N Lincoln Ave Wagoner, OK. 74467(918) 485-2203
Wagoner Community HospitalPo Box 407 Wagoner, OK. 74477(918) 485-5514
Letting someone know you're thinking about them when they're sick or feeling down can make such a difference. Send your friend or loved one the gift of flowers to lift their spirits. Get well soon gift baskets are another great choice. We can fill them with juice and snacks, which is perfect for someone needing their bed rest. We can deliver to all local hospitals as well as homes in Inola and even across the country! Give us a call, stop by, or shop online! We have everything you need to help them get well soon!
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421 East Commercial
Inola, OK. 74036
Local: (918) 543-6775

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